PetSafe 300 Yard Standard Remote Trainer


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PetSafe 300 Yard Standard Remote Trainer

Easily correct unwanted behavior

Quickly and effectively train your dog with PetSafe Remote Trainers. Our remote trainers are available in a variety of options to suit your pet’s personality and your lifestyle. At the press of a button, you can get your dog’s immediate attention from hundreds of yards away. Remote trainers can be used to teach positive behaviors and eliminate nuisance ones.

Choose the Best Collar for Your Dog’s Personality

Not all dogs are the same: The stimulation that’s right to help train your hyperactive Labrador might not be the same as what’s best for your bashful Beagle.

PetSafe Standard remote trainers are perfect for most dogs, delivering a safe and effective static stimulation to get your pet’s attention. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit dogs 8 lb. and up with neck sizes up to 28″.

Choose the Right Range for Your Lifestyle

Finding the right range depends on the lifestyle you share with your dog. Longer ranges put out a stronger signal to ensure a constant connection between your remote and the receiver collar – especially in areas with obstacles like tall buildings, trees or heavy brush. Our 100-Yard Trainer is perfect for indoor training, while our 900-Yard Trainer provides the greatest range for outdoor activities such as walking, jogging or hiking.


  • UP TO 300 YARD RANGE – provides communication with your dog at medium distances. Great for around the house and in the yard training
  • TONE, VIBRATION, AND LITE STATIC STIMULATION – features three different types of stimulation: tone (beep), vibration, and Lite 1-15 levels of static stimulation for sensitive or small dogs. Our Lite trainers deliver a gentler stimulation than our standard trainers, even at higher levels
  • SAFETY LOCK FEATURE – levels 8-15 locked for protection
  • WATERPROOF, RECHARGEABLE REMOTE AND COLLAR – uses a quick charging wall adapter (included)
  • BACKLIT, DIGITAL REMOTE – easy to read display; dedicated buttons for tone and stimulation
  • ERGONOMIC DIGITAL REMOTE – dedicated buttons for tone and stimulation 

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