Dogtra iQ Mini Additional Rechargeable Receiver Collar


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    • PETITE DESIGN: The iQ MINI receiver is perfect for small dogs with its compact design. It’s designed for dogs 7 pounds or more and is perfect for obedience or field training. It’ll fit comfortably and snug around your small companion.
    • CONDUCTIVE CONTACTS: The receiver features conductive plastic contact points, which are recommended for dogs that have metal allergies or sensitive skin. It will help lessen skin irritation and is also an alternative to the stainless steel contact points for dogs with allergies.
    • CORRECTIONS: This petite receiver has two different correction types. The first correction type is a Nick (quick ½-second) and the second type is a Constant correction (up to 12 seconds). The receiver also has a Pager vibration, which offers a clear vibration to alert dogs while training.
    • EXPANDABILITY: With a medium output and the ability to expand to 2 dogs, the iQ MINI is the perfect compact training tool for smaller dogs with sensitive skin. This allows you to maximize obedience training with up to 2 dogs to get the most out of a training session.
    • 400-YARD RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for any and all simple commands for your dog. With a range of 400 yards, this e-collar is a great choice for basic obedience training and behavior management.

    Replacement or additional receiver for the Dogtra iQ MINI, with a golden yellow strap.

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    Weight 1.00 oz
    Dimensions 7.00 × 4.00 in